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WoodWorkly is an independent woodworking website that delivers well-researched and quality articles related to projects, woodworking plans, woodworking techniques (Tips and Tricks), and woodworking tools and materials.

We are passionate about woodworks and sharing everything we learn about woodworking. WoodWorkly is the ultimate resource for learning everything about woodworking plans, tips, and tools. we have all the woodworks covered!

Our site is purely dedicated to those who are searching for Woodworking Tutorials, Guides, Beginner to Advanced steps, and all kinds of updates related to indoor and outdoor woodworks.

Our mission is to deliver articles to those who wish to stay connected with the woodworking field to grow their knowledge day in and out. This is the site where we share everything we’ve learned.

The WoodWorkly STORY

In late 2019, I decided, 3 years into my first blog, WoodWorkly, that I had more to share.

Woodworkly author
Walter Parker – The man behind WoodWorkly.com

I wanted to take my passion for woodworking projects, plans, and woodworking tools and turn it into its own site. The first post was published in early January 2020 and is going strong today.

Unlike a woodworking plans and guides blog site (of which there are too many), my site focuses on solving woodworking problems, issues and challenges, and issues. Therefore even a beginner in woodworking can be in touch with WoodWorkly.

Why Did I Start WoodWorkly?

I started WoodWorkly to share the latest articles related to woodworking projects plans and How to guides.

I won’t write any fake news and our readers can expect genuine and real unbiased articles.

In case of any queries, visit our contact us page.

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