Can You Use T-Shank Blade In a U-Shank Jigsaw?

can you use t-shank blade in a u-shank jigsaw

Jigsaws are useful for professional woodworkers to make complex shapes and sizes in any wood. You can cut wood with exact densities and thicknesses using the correct blade type with a jigsaw.

T-shank jigsaws and U-shank jigsaws are the popular categories of Jigsaws. But do they interchangeable? So, Let’s find out, Can you use T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw?

You cannot use T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw since U-shank jigsaws are not interchangeable. You can only use U-shank blades with U-shank jigsaw, but T-shank blades are able to use for almost any modern jigsaw since most of them are interchangeable. Check manual instructions to know whether T-shank blades fit your jigsaw or not.

But there’s a lot more to know can you use T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw?

So, in this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of jigsaws and discuss will T-shank blades fit U-shank jigsaws, the differences between T-shank and U-shank jigsaws and blades, Are jigsaw blades interchangeable, and much more.

Furthermore, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions as well.

Let’s jump in!

Will T-Shank Blades Fit U-Shank Jigsaw?

No, T-shank blades don’t fit U-shank jigsaws because U-shank jigsaws are old and only fit with U-shank blades.

T-shank blades are modern-day blades and most modern-day jigsaws accept both T-shank blades and U-shank blades.

Therefore, better to check manufacturer instructions to check whether your jigsaw support T-shank blades.

But U-shank jigsaws do not accept T-shank blades. They only accept U-shank blades which are so outdated but still use for some occasions.

Some jigsaws are not even used U-shank blades and are completely turned into T-shank blades.

T-shank blades are more versatile and modern than U-shank blades.

If you really want to fit T-shank blades in a U-shank jigsaw, take the T-shanks to the bench grinder and try to modify it like a U-shank blade.

But this can be a waste of time since getting the exact shape of the U-shank from T-shank is hard.

Plus, Jig saw blade may fall out because of using the wrong type of blade since U-shank jigsaws are old and the blade could come loose.

So, if you’re having T-shank blades better to get a new jigsaw by selling an old, outdated U-shank jigsaw.

U-shank jigsaws will not use in the near future because T-shank jigsaws have better design, compatibility, and strong grip than U-shank jigsaws.

Better to read manufacturer instructions before trying to fix T-shank blades in a U-shank jigsaw.

If there’s no statement about T-shank blades, that means the jigsaw does not support T-shank blades.

Probably you won’t find a T-shank blade statement in a U-shank jigsaw because most of the U-shank jigsaws were made before T-shank blades and manufacturers didn’t know about T-shank blades during those times.

U-shank blades were the one and only popular ones and jigsaws were made for U-shanks only.

Differences Between T-Shank Blades And U-Shank Blades

As we all already know U-shank blades are old and outdated, and T-shank blades are modern and commonly used in modern-day jigsaws.

You cannot use a T-shank blade for a U-shank jigsaw instead of U-shanks because of several other reasons as well.

So, let’s find out some other common differences between T-shank blades and U-shank blades.

T-Shank BladesU-shank Blades
Easy to switchblades on machineDifficult to change blades
Able to change blades faster with buttons changing blades is time-consuming
Able to use in any modern jigsawOutdated and only able to use in a few jigsaws
Slightly expensiveCheaper
No need for additional tools to fasten the bladeNeed additional tool set to mount blade
Easy to useDifficult to use
Safe to useLess safe to use
Strong gripLess strong grip
Set blade straight automaticallyThe blade doesn’t set straight automatically

Now you can see why most of the woodworkers and Jigsaw manufacturers escaped the U-shank blade (universal blade) over T-shank blades.

T-shank blades are user-friendly, efficient, and able to use in any modern jigsaw except U-shank jigsaws.

Both Jigsaws are power tools that cause no issues like hand tools.

Are Jigsaw Blades Interchangeable?

Generally, Jigsaw blades are not interchangeable since you cannot use T-shank blades in a U-shank jigsaw and vice versa. But some jigsaws support both T-shanks and U-shanks and they are interchangeable.

Better to read the instruction manual of the jigsaw to know whether your jigsaw is interchangeable or not.

Most old jigsaws only support U-shank blades and they aren’t interchangeable. But today jigsaws are more compatible with T-shank blades than U-shank blades since U-shanks are outdated.

But still, some jigsaws support both T and U shanks and they need no tools to fasten the blades.

Interchangeable jigsaws are more like T-shank jigsaws because they are easy to use, less time-consuming, fully automated, and safe to use.

Interchangeable jigsaws support U-shank blades, T-shank blades, and U-shank blades with a hole.

Jigsaw blades are not universal. Blade type and blade material vary on their tasks and purpose.

For example, HCS (High-carbon steel blades) are useful for woodworking while HSS (High-speed steel blades) are useful for metal cutting. None of them are universal.

Is It Safe to Use T-Shank Blades in U-Shank Jigsaw?

Usually, you cannot use T-shank blades in a U-shank jigsaw. But with proper grinding and shaping, you can make T-shank blades shape exactly like U-shank blade and use it in a U-shank jigsaw.

This should be done very carefully because shaping blades is difficult and need lots of experience.

Even though you were able to use T-shank blades in U-shank jigsaw you better be safe because the blade may lose and fall out if it is inserted incorrectly plus, always use the correct blade type for the jigsaws to avoid getting damaged by not tightening them properly.

So, better not to use and it is not safe to use T-shank blades in U-shank jigsaw exec the jigsaw is interchangeable and able to use both U and T shanks as its manual mentioned.

That’s it, folks! Simply you cannot use T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw.

So, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about jigsaw blades.

What Are the Types Of Shank Blades Used With a Jigsaw?

There’re main 3 types of shank blades used with jigsaws. They are,

  • T-shank blade
  • U-shank blade
  • U-shank blade with a hole

So, let’s find out what type of jigsaw machines are capable of holding above blade types.

Jigsaw BladeJigsaw Type
T-Shank BladeAll modern Jigsaws, Interchangeable jigsaws
U-Shank BladeU-Shank Jigsaw, Interchangeable jigsaws
U-Shank Blade with a holeU-Shank Jigsaw,

As you can see T-Shank blades are the ones you should go with because they are capable of working with any modern-day jigsaw machine without using any tools.

How Do I Know Which Jigsaw Blade?

Read the manufacturer instructions for Jigsaw to know which jigsaw blade you should go with.

Generally, it could be a T-shank blade if the jigsaw machine is new. But better to read the instruction manual or search Jigsaw instructions on the internet or on YouTube to know the exact jigsaw blade type.

Jigsaw blades differ on the following factors.

  • Shank type
  • Jigsaw blade TPI (Teeth count per inch)
  • Jigsaw blade-built material

Refer to the graph to see the different types of jigsaw blades to know which one suits you the best.

Jigsaw Blade FactorsJigsaw Blade Types
Shank typeU-shank blades
T-shank blades
Jigsaw blade TPITPI between 6 – 20 for woods
TPI between 14 – 36 for metals
Built materialHigh-carbon steel (HCS) for woods
High-speed steel (HSS) for metals
Bi-metal blades for hardwoods and metals
Tungsten blades for ceramics

Will T-Shank Blades Fit Ryobi Jigsaw?

T-shank blades fit well with the Ryobi jigsaw since the Ryobi jigsaw is a t-shank jigsaw machine.

Ryobi jigsaw is an interchangeable machine that accepts both U-shank blades and T-shank blades. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

But make sure to check whether T-shank blades fit well with your Ryobi jigsaw because T-shank blades can fall over due to machine failure or manufacturing defects. Try to swap it out for a new one.

From my experience, I’d recommend Bosch jigsaw because of its excellent quality and its T-shank blades fit well with those machines.

Do T-Shank Blades Fit Black and Decker Jigsaw?

Yes, the Black and Decker jigsaw accepts T-shank blades since it is an interchangeable jigsaw.

Black and Decker jigsaw support both T-shank blades and U-shank blades. T-shank blades switch automatically and fasten well with the Black and Decker jigsaw machine.

If your Black and Decker jigsaw has manufacturing issues, T-shank blades may fall over and not tighten well with the machine.

Better to try to swap it out for a new one.

Did I cover all you wanted to know about: Can you use T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw?

In this article, I’ve deeply discussed Can you use T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw? And differences between U-shank blades and T-shank blades and interchangeable jigsaws.

You cannot use a T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw because a U-shank jigsaw only supports U-shank blades. To support T-shank blades you should go with an interchangeable jigsaw or any other modern jigsaw. U-shank jigsaw blades are outdated and old and have poor performance than T-shank jigsaw blades.

Furthermore, I’ve answered some frequently asked questions regarding the hot topic, Can you use T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw as well?

Hope you have gained good knowledge about what blade you should use for your jigsaw machine.

Make sure to read the instruction manual first before going for any blade type since blade type may vary on the jigsaw manufacturer. Happy woodworking!

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