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Walter Parker author of woodworkly.com
Walter Parker – Author of WoodWorkly.com

Hi there. I’m Walter and I’m a woodworking enthusiast.

I have spent 3+ decades as the owner of the Woodworking planet and an employee in Woodworking Circles in Texas, but also as a leader in several professional woodwork shops in San Francisco and North Carolina.

Whether it’s exploring the best woodworking joints for cupboards in Florida or making a dining table in Michigan, I have done it all, and haven’t yet met a woodworking project or a workshop I can’t find something to rave about since I have worked with the experts in the field.

I have a passion for woodworking projects & play with woodworking tools, and he also loves tips and tricks in the woodworking world.

I’m happily married and a father to 2 wonderful sons. The family lives in Azle, TX.

My wife is my strength and she does all the editing parts of this website. She is the creative force behind the Woodworkly who also does woodworking as a hobby.

Michelle Parker is the Editor of WoodWorkly
Michelle Parker – Editor of WoodWorkly

I am here to empower and inspire you with the tools, ideas, and skills you need on your woodworking journey to fill your life with DIY!

I’m 100% responsible for all the articles I posted on this site since most are based on my practical knowledge.

My career with Woodworking Planet

My career with Woodworking planet, which started my journey of loving, woodworking projects, selling furniture, and making beautiful, aesthetic woodworks started in 1980 when I first joined Woodworking planet as a junior carpenter member.

You can find one of my recipes in the first official The Why & How of Woodworking, albeit they changed my guides a little!

My career with them took me from Texas to North Carolina, San Fransisco, back to Texas, and then Atlanta, and Michigan.

Finally, I became the company owner with lots of woodworking experience.

My Career with Woodworking Circles

I worked my way up at Woodworking Circles, starting in 1990 at the original location of the company which was in Azle, Texas.

Throughout my 15+ year career with Woodworking Circles, I went from an entry-level carpenter to positions of team leader, to supervisor before finding a home as a Workshop Manager for several years.

San Francisco in the late 1990s was a haven for woodworking because of the trend for woodcarving items. Awesome woodworks were all around and easily accessible.

I experienced it all; learning and practicing as I wish.

As a Workshop Manager, I went to dozens of woodworking workshops to learn new things, and tricks in woodworking and apply them to my company

I worked with professional, experienced woodworkers and celebrities in the woodworking world like Marc Spagnuolo.

My career with Woodworking Circles taught me a lot about different wood types, woodcarving, wood finishing, wood quality the importance of wood sealing, and most importantly what makes great woodwork with an excellent finish.

What you can expect on my site: WoodWorkly

Join me as I explore the world of woodworking projects, plans, tools and gear, and woodworking techniques. While this isn’t a typical woodworking plans site, I do offer a lot of how-to guides in woodworking and wood protecting that is useful for even a beginner in woodworking.

With regards to products I may recommend, I focus on only the best items that I’ve tested personally for my woodworking projects with the highest ratings out there; no junk! Or spams!

Have a small woodwork shop, with awesome little woodworks and carvings, you think is great? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you and help you.


Walter Parker.

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