Sandnet Vs Sandpaper (TOP 7 Differences!)

sandnet vs sandpaper

We all use different grit sizes of sandpapers to remove materials from wood surfaces, to make the surfaces smooth when painting, staining, or sealing, and when to make the surface rough when gluing.

Diablo Sandnet is a range of sandpaper abrasives. It comes with full sheets of sanding sheets, sanding discs, and sanding blocks.

The website says Sandnet offers something different than the typical sandpaper. I was curious to know. So, I bought one and tested it for about a year.

Here’s my honest review of Sandnet with all the differences between Sandnet and sandpaper.

Let’s discuss, Sandnet vs sandpaper.

Sandnet comes with mesh netting and lasts longer than traditional sandpaper. Not like sandpaper, Sandnets are clog resistant. Sandnet blocks are reusable, and sandpapers aren’t. Sandnets are much more expensive than sandpapers. Sandnet 80 cuts slower than regular 80-grit sandpaper. Sandnet has a longer cutting life.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

So, in this article, we’ll review what is Sandnet, its uses of it and differences between Sandnet and sandpaper, Sandnet vs sanding discs, and a lot more.

Furthermore, I’ll answer some frequently asked questions as well.

Let’s jump in!

sandnet vs sandpaper

What Is A Sandnet?

Sandnet is a commercial product of Diablo that came as an alternative product to traditional sandpaper. it comes in a range of disc sizes from 60 grit to 400 grit sizes.

According to the Sandnet website, diablo Sandnet has 10 times longer life than sandpaper which is hard to ignore.

I have tested it and yes, it has a better-cutting life than traditional sandpaper. but no idea whether it’s exactly 10 times.

Sandnet has an anti-clogging nylon net design which is super useful. It doesn’t clog since it contains a lattice design that let sanding fibers pass through its net design for continuous use.

sandnet is reusable and better than sandpaper

Sandnet collects dust by itself since it has holes that are nice and big which collect dust while sanding. With Sandnet you won’t need to use a dust collection pipe system often.

When the dust collected in those holes in Sandnet, you can easily clean them out by shaking, vacuuming, and rising with water.

Because of having aluminum oxide grit, it is super easy to remove materials from it and extend its lifetime.

Most importantly Sandnet is a reusable product that is hard to ignore. You can easily blow out dust particles in Sandnet and keep it using.

pros and cons of sandnet

Here’re some advantages of using Sandnet over traditional sandpaper.

Advantages Of Using Sandnet Over Sandpaper

  • Sandnet is reusable
  • Sandnet does not clog
  • Easy to remove dust particles by blowing out
  • Able to remove dust, and debris by shaking, vacuuming, and rinsing
  • Sandnet has a longer cutting life
  • No need to use a dust collection system when sanding
  • contain aluminum oxide grit for an extended lifetime
  • Trusted brand

Disadvantages Of Using Sandnet Over Sandpaper

  • Expensive
  • Sandnet 80 grit cut slower

Now you have a clear idea about what is Sandnet with all the pros and cons.

Let’s see how it differs from regular sandpaper.

sanding with diablo sandnet

Differences Between The Sandnet And Sandpaper

If you’re trying to choose the best option between the Sandnet and sandpaper, the following head-to-head comparison makes your work so much easier.

  1. Sandnet does not clog like sandpaper
  2. Sandpaper is so much cheaper than the Sandnet
  3. Sandpaper has less cutting life than the Sandnet
  4. Sandnet is reusable, but sandpaper is not
  5. Sandnet is easier to clean by shaking, vacuuming, and rinsing
  6. Sandnet comes with a wide range of products including sandpaper and sanding blocks
  7. Sandpaper does not collect dust and you need a dust collection system while Sandnet collects dust and minimizes the use of a dust collection system.

Let’s discuss each of the above differences in detail for a better view.

1. Sandnet Does Not Clog Like Sandpaper

Sandpaper clogs when you’re using it at higher temperature levels, when it is super smooth and when sanding a wet surface.

But Sandnet contains anti-clogging technology that prevents the sheet from clogging.

When you’re using sandpaper long, the friction builds up. The heat will generate between the sandpaper and the material you work on. Plus, pressure on sandpaper builds up the heat.

This produced heat clogs up the sandpaper.

Sandnet does not clog like sandpaper

But when you’re using Sandnet, it contains a lot of large hole particles that contain air. Because of having free air inside the heat buildup is significantly less and there’s no clogging up like traditional sandpaper.

Sandnet does not clog up like sandpaper on wet surfaces since it contains hole particles that can collect dust and wet particles rather than ruining the surface.

2. Sandpaper Is Cheaper Than The Sandnet

Sandnet is significantly priced than sandpaper. Therefore, better to use sandpaper for small woodworking projects rather than going for professional Sandnet.

A 10-pack of traditional sandpapers costs only $6 while a 10-pack of diablo Sandnet discs costs $20.

Sandpaper Is Cheaper Than The Sandnet

But if we consider the longer cutting life, getting Sandnet is wiser than getting the traditional ones.

But for small projects with little ROI (Return Of Investment), traditional sandpapers are recommended.

3. Sandnet Has Better Cutting Life Than Sandpaper

Sandnet has between cutting life than regular traditional sandpaper.

According to the Diablo website, it says Sandnet has a 10x cutting life than regular sandpapers, but I don’t think it that that much durability.

Probably, Sandnet has 2x or 3x better-cutting life than sandpaper, which depends on your usage.

Sandnet Has Better Cutting Life Than Sandpaper

If you’re a professional woodworker, getting Sandnet instead of sandpaper is wise since having a durable Sandnet sand block is good to have than heading to the local stores frequently.

After 3 to 4 times of use, Sandnet edges start to shred even when you’re sanding super smooth surfaces. But they’re still useful and able to do the job. Not like regular sandpapers.

4. Sandnet Is Reusable And Sandpaper Is Not

Most of the time, woodworkers remove sandpaper after they are using it.

Using fresh sandpaper is good since sandpapers are not reusable and won’t give promising results using for more projects.

But Sandnet is reusable, and woodworkers love it. This is the most important benefit Sandnet gives over sandpaper.

Sandnet has large holes with air. When you’re sanding dust particles will fill up in those holes.

Sandnet Is Reusable And Sandpaper Is Not

After sanding, you can easily clean Sandnet by blowing it up.

All the dust particles will be gone, and you can use it for another project with no issues. It will provide the same performances as the first one.

Sandnet contains aluminum oxide grit that helps to sand the material effectively without wearing it.

Being reusable is cost-efficient and makes your job easier.

5. Sandnet Is Easier To Clean

Cleaning traditional sandpaper is hard since dust particles and other residues won’t remove from it quite easily. You cannot get it back to its original state even after sanding it with all the chemicals.

But on the other hand, Sandnet is super easy to clean. You just have to blow it, shake it, vacuum the surface and rinse it with fresh water and it will look as new.

Because of being easy to clean you can get better performances from Sandnet than sandpaper.

Sandnet is easier to clean by shaking, vacuuming, and rinsing

Sand dust will easily remove, and you can do the whole project without using a dust collection system since sand dust will not remain on the surface when working with Sandnet, not like when using the sandpaper method.

6. Sandnet comes with a Wide Range Of Products

Sandpaper comes as a sanding block or regular sandpaper sheet. They have a limited amount of uses and they are not specialized for certain tasks.

But Sandnet comes with a wide range of products including regular sandpaper, sanding blocks, sanding disc, and sanding sheets.

Sandnet comes with a wide range of products

They all come in various shapes and various grit sizes. You can buy all packs at once.

You can use different Sandnet types depending on the material you work on, depending on the shape of the material like corners, and edges.

Sandnet eases the sanding job.

7. Sandnet Does Not Need a Dust Collection System, But Sandpaper Does

Sandpaper does not collect dust particles on the surface as Sandnet does. Therefore, you’ll need a proper dust collection pipe system to collect dust on the surface to make it super smooth.

But Sandnet contains large holes inside its fabric layer. Dust particles will move into those holes and stay there when sanding without sticking to the material.

Sandnet collects dust and makes dust removal easier

Therefore, once you’re done with the sanding, there’ll be nothing left or so little left on the surface for cleaning.

Therefore, you no longer need a dust collection system if you’re working with Sandnet.

That’s it, folks! Now you know who wins Sandnet vs sandpaper battle and what suits you the most.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Is Diablo Sandpaper Worth It?

Diablo sandpaper is totally worth it since it is reusable and has a better lifespan than regular sandpaper.

Most importantly you don’t need a dust collection pipe since diablo sandpaper contains small holes that can collect dust on the surface while sanding.

Diablo sandpaper is easy to clean with blowing and comes with 60 grit to 400 grit various grit sizes with a wide range.

best sandpaper for wood

Sandnet Vs Sanding Disc

Sandnet is better than sanding disc because,

  • Sandnet does not clog
  • Sandnet is easy to clean
  • Sandnet is reusable
  • Sandpaper has a better-cutting life than sanding disc
  • You don’t need a dust collection system when working with Sandnet
  • Sandnet work fast and more efficiently than sanding disc

The only drawback of using Sandnet over sanding discs is the price. Sandnet is so expensive than sanding blocks.

Plus, 60-grit and 80-grit sizes of Sandnet are slow cutting and do not have a good performance as regular sanding blocks. But in finer grits Sandnet performs better.

cleaning diablo sandnet

What Sandpaper Is Best For Wood?

Norton 3X is one of the best sandpapers for wood. It performs better with wood and able buy for a cheaper price.

Other than that, Klingspor sandpaper is cheap and comes with excellent quality. Mirka Abranet sandpaper is expensive but performs well.

To sand rounded surfaces, use Festool fabric-backed pads.

Did I cover all you wanted to know about: Sandnet vs Sandpaper

In this article, we discussed, Sandnet vs sandpaper in terms of their performances, lifespan, usability, and price point. We have talked about all the differences between Sandnet and sandpaper with practical examples.

Sandnet is reusable but sandpaper does not. Sandpaper is cheaper than Sandnet. Sandnet is easier to clean and comes in various ranges. Sandnet has a longer lifespan than sandpaper. Sandpaper makes the sanding job easier than working with sandpaper.

Furthermore, I’ve answered some frequently asked questions as well.

Hope you learned everything you wanted to know about, Sandnet vs sandpaper.

Try to use both when working on your woodworking project. you’ll find occasions Sandnet performs better than sandpaper and occasions where sandpaper performs better.

Get uses from to get a nice output in the end.

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